Bible Study on Daniel and Revelations – Exploring the 1260 Days Prophecy

The 1260 days prediction in Daniel and Revelation fits different translations because of vulnerability regarding whether it is to be treated as strict or representative. This is one of the zones of prediction study that I consider be the most specialized and can make disarray on the off chance that we are not determined in our Bible investigations around there. However, in the event that we apply the correct strategy for prophetic translation we will improve comprehension of how we should treat this period.

The Seventh-Day-Adventists is by all accounts a lot quicker on this timespan and maybe have accomplished more research on the predictions related with it than some other group. In there encouraging they propose that wherever that this prophetic period is referenced in Bible prescience it is alluding to the Dark Ages of ecclesiastical rule that happened between 538-1798AD – a time of 1260 years.

This understanding depends on the day-for-a-year rule that was set up in Numbers 14:34 and Ezekiel 4:6. Hence it was deciphered that 1260-days should be 1260 years. In my Bible investigation of the predictions of Daniel and Revelations I have come to understand that the 1260 days prescience isn’t as obvious as to propose that every one of the references to this period ought to be applied to one specific agreement.

The various assignments of the prophetic period

You will see that this period is given a few depictions. You will see depictions, for example, forty and two months (Rev. 11:2; 13:5), time times and a large portion of a period (Dan. 12:7; Rev. 12:14), time, times and separating of time (Dan. 7:25), and one thousand 200 and threescore days (Rev. 11:3; 12:6). The forty and two months is 42×30 =1260 days, and the time times and a large portion of a period (or separating of time) is determined as time = 1 year (360 days), times = 2 years (720 days), and a large portion of a period = ½ year (180 days), the total of which is 1260 days.

So as to guarantee a sound comprehension of this prophetic period we have to give specific consideration to the setting of the prediction in which this period is referenced. In my Bible examination over the parallel predictions of Daniel and Revelation I found two distinct settings in which the 1260 days prescience is referenced. They are as per the following:

1. The verifiable setting, and

2. The end-time setting

The verifiable setting

The most clear case of a verifiable use of the 1260 days prescience is found in the twelfth part of the book of Revelations. In this prediction it was said that when the mythical beast saw that he was cast down to the earth he aggrieved the lady for 1260 days, Request prophetic word online a period that was assumed have started a brief time after the man youngster (Jesus) was up to speed to paradise (Rev. 12:6, 14). In this prescience the mythical beast is an image of Satan and lady in sacred text is an image of Israel, the congregation (Jer. 6:3).

Satan needed to kill the man youngster during childbirth however didn’t succeed, so he oppressed the congregation, who bore this man kid, for 1260 prophetic days. Hence, this time of oppression of the congregation of God came not long after the climb of Christ. This is the place I accept the Adventists’ investigation of prophetic time is right.