Bizarre Victorian Parlor Games

Having researched dozens of vintage books on Victorian parlor video games, seeking out appropriate party sport thoughts for my kids, I regularly come upon video games that seem weird. The following video games are a pattern of these Victorian parlor video games that have protection troubles, appear unnecessarily embarrassing to the contributors or have other unusual traits with the aid of present day standards 메이저놀이터.

Poor Pussy Cat

The first recreation, “Poor Pussy Cat”, could come under the general heading, today, of “embarrassing your self”. Indeed there are numerous examples of these forms of video games, which nowadays only the very younger would play, wherein the primary object of the sport (hobby) is to act in a exceptionally unusual manner for the entertainment of the birthday party. In Victorian instances those ’embarrassing’ video games were often performed by using adults (both young and old).

The real sport of Poor Pussy Cat is performed by means of deciding on one member of the group to be the Poor Pussy Cat. The decided on person, playing the Cat’s position, then is going across the room on all fours purring and rubbing up in opposition to human beings, much like a cat. The main intention of the opposite ‘players’ is to stoke the Cat and utter the word “Poor Pussy Cat”, maintaining a instantly face all of the time. Should one of the birthday celebration, stroking the Cat, smile or snigger then they would take the ‘Cats’ vicinity and the sport continues.

Snap Dragon

This Victorian parlor game, usually played inside the wintry weather months in particular round Christmas, typifies the ‘Dangerous’ category of bizarre parlor video games. The sport is straightforward enough to play in that raisons are located in Brandy that’s then set on fire and the birthday party guests must pluck out a raison and pop it in their mouth. For greater ‘have an effect on’ this sport is played in a darkened room to offer the people a devilish appearance as flames come from their hands and mouth. The raison is ‘extinguished’ whilst it’s far in a closed mouth even though there are reviews of burning to each the hands and face of these gambling. Here are some strains from a famous tune (intended to be sung while playing the sport), which further illustrate the enjoy and “fun” that can had with this simple game:-

With his blue and lapping tongue

Many of you will be stung,

Snip! Snap! Dragon!

For he snaps at all that comes

Snatching at his dinner party of plums,

Snip! Snap! Dragon!

Are you there, Moriarty?

The final recreation on my list of bizarre Victorian parlor video games typifies the brawling sports that so many of the young Victorian adult males entered into to affect ladies at events (some matters in no way exchange!). I actually have encounter other variations of this specific sport, also known as “Blind Man’s Biff” in addition to video games with a small version which additionally worried men hitting every different with rolled up newspapers or cushions.

The sport “Are you there, Moriarty?” is performed as follows. Two human beings (normally males) lay face down at the floor opposite every different (stretched in a way wherein their toes are as far far from every other as feasible). They then maintain each different’s left hand, which is outstretched so they circulate their heads as far faraway from every other as possible. The gamers are then given a roiled up newspaper, which they keep in their right hand. One of the gamers then asks the question “Are you there Moriarty?” to which his opponent responds ‘Yes”. On listening to the reaction and using the vocal cue as a trademark as to the whereabouts of his opponent’s head, the first player then tries to hit his opponent on the head. This action is then repeated with the roles reversed, in order that the hitting alternates. As cited, in many of the write united statesI have study about this kind of recreation, the hobby is played more for the entertainment of the target audience in preference to as a sporting mission for the contributors.


There are many examples of similarly bizarre video games that I ought to have mentioned for my list, but to be fair to the Victorians they did now not have Radio, let alone TV and the Internet so truely they did have to “make their own leisure” and through all accounts they were very well occupied and entertained by way of those sports: So who am I to choose?

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