Darwin and St Bernadette – A World of Coincidence

Bernadette Soubirous

We live in a world of coincidences, a few small and some now not so small. We are surrounded through happenings that depart us in mystified awe at the strangeness of our world. From the simple every day “How bizarre, I changed into just thinking about you and now here you are” to the slightly less common of meetings between human beings from distinctive places and backgrounds however with that link this is so very barely uncanny Universal Darwinism.

I had been used to them and additionally interested in them ever considering I realised how frequently they arise and what sort of and for that, how little we are involved of their lifestyles. In reality I nearly spend time consciously looking for them. However, the one that activates me to write crept up on me without any inkling.

Most coincidences like coins have sides, important to make them occur, and the 2 components of this exceptional going on couldn’t have been similarly aside and might by no means have come collectively for me besides for every other a lot smaller incident.

I attended a lecture really because my spouse wanted to visit it. I thought no greater of it than I became going to spend an nighttime in the enterprise of her and other parishioners from our church listening to a traveling speaker Michael Schutzer Weissmann speak on what regarded to be the strangest of subjects.

Darwin and St Bernadette: Revelations of 1858.

Not being thoroughly versed in either Darwin or the Saints but having heard of each, I could without a doubt see no connection among them and the date supposed not anything to me.

Very soon after the start of his talk all changed into discovered. Darwin had posted his e-book – The Origin of Species in 1859 but had given the paper to an target audience the yr earlier than for you to stop being ‘pipped to the publish’ by using another botanist with a similar theory; and St Bernadette had visible her imaginative and prescient of Our Lady in the grotto above Lourdes inside the identical yr.

Well, there is a twist of fate however I needed to ask in which does that take us. I changed into no wiser as the evening progressed as Michael unpacked his wares. I didn’t see the connection between these two activities as he tried to put out the variations within the two worlds of the 2 absolutely extraordinary persons. Darwin, an eminent scientist who become approximately to stagger the entire world with his principle on Natural Selection; Bernadette, a negative and very younger peasant woman who became also approximately to stagger the world however from a completely different aspect.

Still the relationship changed into not made, as a minimum not for me; two earth shaking revelations inside the same yr were a coincidence of types sure, but what greater changed into there?

That query remained unanswered as a ways as I was involved because I were taken unwell during the communicate feeling decidedly poorly inside and just before the give up I felt as if I was going to faint. I had was hoping to buttonhole our speaker on the quit of his communicate in an attempt to unravel the queries that had been aroused during the night however become just not inside the temper to achieve this. I just controlled to extricate Anne, my spouse from her huddle talking to one of the elderly Sisters from the convent and we headed home. For the following 24 hours I was attacked by way of a most terrible bug and of path being a mere male supposed that I become feeling very sorry for myself certainly.

The one top thing about my misery was that I frolicked praying and requesting help to alleviate my suffering and as with any prayer there’s constantly a bonus facet to any solutions that we’re given. By the time that I changed into back on my ft all had end up clear.

The clouds in my thoughts rolled again and my memory again to a educate of thought that were running through my head and which I had visited sometimes for decades for the reason that doing technology, physics and biology at college. They had always been passions of mine however unfortunately the equal couldn’t be said of the math, geometry, algebra and trig that regarded to be required in those days to take them any where. Had I been able to master those elusive weirdoes I would haven’t any doubt continued my studies for the relaxation of my existence.

Regretfully it turned into now not to be and so after a quick sojourn in retails income I joined the police pressure and spent the subsequent 35 years of my lifestyles pounding diverse beats in London till I retired in 2000.

Now I was retired with time to assume again and most crucial of all I have been Reborn to Christ as an person within the early 80s. He become now my be all and my quit all and had brought me again into my Father’s fold. Bible research and publications as well as the almost unrequited thirst for know-how that The Holy Spirit instils in us has moulded my thoughts in all matters non secular. I lived within the global that God had created for us and as a end result changed into even greater absorbed by the wonders that He had additionally created around us and for us.

I knew how the celebrities and the galaxies and worlds had come into existence and lived pretty luckily along all the different residents each human and otherwise. In fact it’d be actual to mention that the greater I noticed and discovered the simpler it changed into to simply accept that God were so very a good deal responsible for the whole lot and whatever.

How smooth it become to mention to the doubters ” Never thoughts looking to show the existence of God. Try to prove that He does not ” Who should probable live surrounded through such elegance and now not understand the presence of The Almighty?

Yes I absolutely recognize hat we’re surrounded by means of battle and pestilence and the victims of poverty. That people are affected by the shortage of the basics of humanity and I continuously listen the query “How can an all loving God permit that?”

But I must remind myself and the questioner that He is nor chargeable for what we do to ourselves and to His proper Earth. We abuse each different and the assets that we had been given see you later in the past in the Garden. He gave us Free Will and Choise and we’ve exercised them both as we assume healthy. In our greed and lust, selfishness and thoughtlessness we have allowed ourselves to sink till we are less than the animals, fish, birds and reptiles that surround us.

We have developed our very own Laws of the Jungle – Dog devour Dog – survival of the fittest; a replicate of the animal international. Except that we lack their dignity. We additionally lack their cause for residing as they do – the meals chain and their intuition to continue to exist at all costs. We are the handiest species on God’s earth to haven’t any predators – we are on the top of the hill. That is why God gave us dominion over the animals and the vegetation and fauna. He informed us that they have been there for our advantage and that we ought to admire them and use them accurately. Have we? Of direction not.

That is why we’re known as to repent. Until we live in peace with what God has given us and with each different there may be no go back to Paradise on Earth. Instead we will ought to look ahead to His judgment when Christ comes once more in His Glory. In the meantime we’re pointed within the numerous instructions of our lifestyles. On the only hand technological know-how, physics and all of the ‘ologies’ display us how the earth was built and Darwin suggests us how it become stocked for our residing. Our Bible and our Faith then tells us how our loving Father having seen that each one turned into prepared for us, positioned His ideal picture in the midst of His creation. Ancient wisdom coupled with current technology – a complete image. All able to live with and along each other. Why need to the Christian and the opposite Higher Being faiths flip a nostril up at Darwin and the sciences. Logic tells us that this should be the way it was done. How else? A Big Bang. The legal guidelines of physics. The universes and galaxies. Stars, suns and moons. So amazing and so effortlessly believable. Into all this we were located. Almost like an alien. We are not from this earth however we’re of it. We did no longer evolve or expand. We had been positioned into the midst of all that had evolved and evolved over billions of years.

We may additionally have met and blended with primitive varieties of humanoids but we had been continually meant to be special; to be above and over. Man in His image. Even the monumental advances in DNA science has yet to prove in any other case. We are extraordinary from all the other species that still inhabit this global and until we discover that elusive missing hyperlink and establish touch with different beings on other worlds then I am happy to accept the popularity quo. We are God’s specific beings dwelling by myself and deciding on a way to stay in a celestial universe running on far flung manipulate in line with Natural Laws alongside the decrease occupants jogging on instinct and Natural Selection. There is the relationship among Darwin and God. No marvel he calls on us to repent thru the visions given to the innocents on the identical time that Darwin posted his theory. We may additionally name it a twist of fate, we’ve got them in our global. God does not. He has His purpose or even these days continues to be running it out. How lots better that we should paintings with Him than against Him. Through the Holy Spirit, in the Name of Christ and with the Blessings of God the Father.

February 2009.

Darwin -Theory of Natural Selection

Bernard Knopp
Shropshire, UK