McDonalds Vouchers – Cut the Bill When You Can

Most people never really use McDonald’s vouchers. Of course they use them every now and then and when they happen to come across a sheet, but they never actively try to find any. I was in the very same situation. I used to go out and eat a few times a month in a McDonalds, because I love their BigMac more than I like to admit, but I never took coupons for granted and thought they were some kind of a once in a while special opportunity. mcdvoice com

McDonald’s is the largest franchise and it operates in the most countries of all franchises. At the date of writing this article they are present in more than a hundred and ten countries, with an astonishing thirty-thousand restaurants sprinkled. Most of them are in North America, there is virtually no inhabited place in the USA without at least a drive-through or a small McDonald’s run by a local entrepreneur.

Virtually all restaurants are run by individuals or groups, and are franchised by the company itself. It means that the restaurant belongs to the person running it but they adhere to strict rules set by McDonald’s. It is just a word of mouth, but the standard book that regulates how the burgers should look like is 500 pages long. No one can say they don’t go a long way to ensure perfect user experience every time.

This also means that while in most questions McDonald’s decides, the restaurant owner also has a word in what they do and they’re not obliged to take part in global promotions. For example, if McDonald’s announces a new burger, they also encourage it with some kind of a promotion, like you get $1 off if you buy a meal with that burger. Or you get a free ice cream with any menu containing this item. These are almost constantly available, if the particular restaurant participates.

Should they take part, you are in luck. Promotions are not always tied to a new menu item, you can have a few dollars off your final bill just because the restaurant promotes itself. These coupons are handed out in the Sunday paper, you can even ask for them. I used to take the coupons every time I got a whole menu, but you don’t really have to do that. When you order, you can basically ask if they’ve got any coupons laying around, and they most often do, this is the second best way of doing so.

The best way of getting a coupon is printing it. I know it sounds like printing money but this is perfectly legal. Sometimes your local McDonald’s releases a coupon that can be printed and you will be able to use it even if you got it through the net. There are dozens of sites just for listing free printable coupons and if you care about a few bucks off the price every time have something in a fast food restaurant you better get one.

It takes about five minutes to locate, print and verify a coupon so you should be aware of it as a viable option. I used to skip these because I though they were part of some sort of scam or similar, but they do work. Check the date of expiration, other terms of use to see if there is any special requirement to redeem the coupon and check if your local McD participates.