Samsung 510bn LCD Power Supply Repair Secrets

The criticism for this Samsung 510BN LCD display became no electricity, after the cover become opened I found that the strength clear out capacitor still maintain some price and the voltage become quite high. A suitable display by means of right the filter out capacitor stored voltage should be discharge in less than 10 seconds. This shows that there has been some thing no longer right in the circuit. If you occur to repair this type of energy trouble, ensure you discharge the clear out capacitor first before checking on others additives. After the clear out capacitor voltage already discharged , I used dick smith flyback tester to degree throughout the primary winding of the switch mode power transformer to peer if there are any brief circuit occurred Fix Samsung in Sweden.

The result of the test changed into the flyback tester LED mild all is going off which means that there should be components shorted either within the primary or secondary phase, occasionally the primary winding can cross shorted additionally. A shorted power ic (this monitor is using the 4 pins 5L0365R strength ic) inside the primary section or a shorted diode in the secondary phase might pull down the flyback tester LED bar to the minimum.

If the flyback tester LED have eight full bars, which means that the components including electricity ic (strength fet if have), power transformer primary winding and all of the secondary diodes aren’t shorted. To isolate if the shorts is both in the number one or secondary segment, you must desolder the energy transformer. Check the primary winding of the strength transformer off board first earlier than you test on all the secondary diodes the usage of analog meter set to instances 10 K ohm.

A shorted diode will show two studying registered at the analog meter. In this Samsung 510bn LCD screen strength supply, the precipitated of the no strength and filter out capacitor take longer time to discharge changed into due to a shorted secondary diode that is from the schottky type with the part range of SB5H100. Searching the internet, I located this diode technical datasheet; it is a 100Volt 5A schottky diode. This shorted diode is located at the 12 volt rail because of this it converts the ac to 12 Volt dc.

After the substitute the LCD display work flawlessly first-rate! Whether you are troubleshooting the Samsung 510BN Lcd reveal electricity supply or any sort of transfer mode electricity supply, essentially the process of trying out it is the equal. Of route there are numerous more techniques to find the shorted secondary diode along with without delay take a look at the diodes, but this technique can test for additives shorted even without touching the soldering gun.

This means, if the flyback tester shown eight full bars, then don’t waste it slow to check on all the secondary diodes again. Get one dick smith flyback tester and you may see how precious this meter is in performing variety test for you consisting of checking the laptop display B+ coil, flyback transformer, crt horizontal yoke coil, ballast and many greater