Wide Application of Horizontal Washing Machine Used in Glass Industry

With the short development of building enterprise and glass production, glass deep processing enterprise has additionally advanced significantly. This article particularly describes the huge utility of flat glass washing system inside the glass industry Glas Geschirr Vivo.

1. Concept of glass washing machine

As the unique device applied in glass enterprise, glass washing machines are used for cleansing and drying original glass sheets. According to cleansing approach, it is able to be distinguished vertical glass washing machine(vertical glass washing device) and horizontal glass washing machine. Because of the limitation of glass length and vertical structural, at present vertical glass washing device is fundamental used for producing I.G. Unit with aluminum spacer. The horizontal glass washing system, although it takes extra place, has been implemented in greater vast fields because of its more high efficiency and excellent shape.

2. Wide utility of flat glass washing machine

Now we majorly introduce the extensive utility of horizontal glass washing device.

(1). Cleaning application for normal glass

The cleansing method of flat washer for ordinary glass is straightforward exceedingly. The tanks can be feed with business water with out heating. Because the surface of glass has now not been made any treatment, there’s no unique requirement for the brushes on the glass washer. At the same time, there may be also no too restrictive requirement for water PH. About the air knife layout, we will undertake ordinary structural however ought to make sure the wind electricity may be adjusted. When we smooth the glass with thickness 3-19 mm, the design of distance among rollers can’t be considered making too huge. Generally speakme, the factory should use middle or small washing gadget to do the cleansing and drying task for raw piece of everyday glass.

(2).Cleaning software for hot-edge insulating glass

For the manufacturing of warm area insulating glass (with flexible spacer, together with duralite or duraseal or superspacer), the cleaning necessities to the uncooked glass sheets are better. Operators have to make sure the coolest cleansing and drying for surface so that you can with ease make the spacer bonding for the subsequent steps, meanwhile, warding off floor scratch. For most evolved nations and areas within the world, to be able to make the complete warm facet I.G.U, more and more factories undertake horizontal washing system. This type cleaning equipment consists of feeding section, washing segment, drying section and output segment and within the washing segment, there are 3 tanks which characteristic of cycling heating water with the perfect PH (6-9), in the meantime, the device need to be hooked up with high satisfactory rubber switch rollers to keep away from glass scratching. In addition, engineers must design unique air knife structure implemented in drying phase of the washing machine, which include side-by using-facet multiple wind blade design, and guarantee the enough wind electricity and make it adjustable, as the nice drying result, the air blower can blow hot air. All these concerns can reap the extraordinary drying process: absolutely cleaning up or blowing off water in multi-angle and lots location. Please also note that with a view to match the total production line, the speed of glass washing machine also need to be regulated.

Remark: the production process of flexible spacer I.G. Commonly consists of below machines: flat glass washing machine, bendy spacer meeting table, glass assembly table, heated roller press system and glass bring desk. Total manufacturing line has two-aspect or unmarried aspect established order. Glass is conveyed to glass washing machine within the horizontal nation then starts its first method till to finish hot-press sealing job in heated curler gadget. Around the production line, small assistant devices, inclusive of fuel filling system, duraseal spool stand also are equipped.

(3).Cleaning utility for covered glass

Before washing coating glass by the horizontal washing system, we have to bear in mind the choice of brush and water high-quality. In cleansing technique, the covered glass sheets have to now not stop beneath brushes to avoid unfavourable the movie. As the hardness of every brush can be unique, we need to additionally check the film after cleaning to verify that if the brush do some damage on the floor of glass or not. When we smooth the MSVD low-e covered glass, the pleasant way isn’t to use recycled water, due to the fact these films are very sensitive to the PH fee, if using recycled water, operators need to screen water PH price continuously.

Using demineralization or deionization water to spray covered glass to assure no residue whilst drying glass. However, the era of this process may also boom water corrosive, so we need to take a look at the pattern water and confirm no unfavorable reactions occur. In addition, before big-scale production, we also must perform a little trial manufacturing to determine that if the water can work well inside the gadget.

In real operation, clear up the above troubles, each horizontal glass washing system and vertical glass washing system can nicely complete cleansing and drying job to covered glass

(4). Cleaning application for other glass (along with tempered, laminated and protection glass)

As above glass features of huge length, thickness and weight, factories often use horizontal washing system to finish their cleaning task. For the vertical washer, because of its structural obstacles, it can not appropriate for washing big size glass. By means of selecting suitable smooth brushes and using unique air knife structure, the horizontal glass washing machine can meet the bathing and drying call for for above glass.

Three. Prospect of horizontal washing device

In the ultimate decade, building glass has been advanced inside the path of insulating, strength-saving, protection and decoration, so the horizontal washing machines are also improved with the same route. Particularly after the sun glass, conductive glass, foam glass and other unique glass are widely positioned into marketplace, the factoies put forward higher cleansing requirements to above special glass. The unique overall performance is that we aren’t best improve or improve the equipment shape, but also make the particular difference on brush production, selection of conveying rubber rollers, specially allow the research of cleaning device and air knife shape meet one-of-a-kind unique requirements. We can expect, along with social development in destiny, an increasing number of special glasses will come out and the horizontal washing gadget could also be manufactured cooperatively with them and this enterprise becomes extra unique, designated and standardized.